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Since there seems to be a lot of confusion about scoring, here (again) is how it works:

You get one point for every cat you defeat in your class (absent or not), if you make a final those finals points superceed the class points (same as CFA does). I think where everyone is confused is when it comes to *championship* points, they do NOT count!!

When you send in your scores, send in the the first page of the catalog showing the name of the show, judges, date. Send in the page(s) showing the somalis entered in your class (ie..kittens/adults/premiers), if you make a final (top 10) send in that page and the page with the count for the show. If they don't have a count page but have the count on the back cover (ring schedule), send that, if neither is available send in the first page of the AB class, the first page of the shorthairs for that class and the last page for the AB. Do not send in finals pages with just championship finals, they do not count.

For those that do show tica, same rules apply. Although it's nice to receive whole catalogs from some shows, it's a bit much and not required.

Please do NOT highlight your cat in the catalog with a dark color highlighter then expect the scorer to be able to read the xeroxed copy of that page. Make sure you have the pages copied fully, scorer cannot read a cats name when only half of the info shows.

It's very helpful if you score your own cats and put the total next to your cats name. The scorer will double check the points, but it's nice when the owners care enough to try, plus you'll have an idea of how your cat did at any one show.


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