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The SCCA Editorial Policy

The policy of the SCCA Newsletter will be to promote interest and in knowledge about the Somali to breeders, owners, and the general public. Articles concerning the breeding, exhibition, and improvement of the breed, and the care and welfare of all cats will be welcome. The SCCA Newsletter will strive to enhance the image of our members as dedicated hobbyists, and not to benefit any one person, cat, or cattery.

Unsolicited manuscripts are welcome; all documents must be signed; references should be cited wherever possible. All submissions will be carefully considered to meet the above goals and will be published without compensation to the provider. Controversial material must conform to the dictates of good taste. The editor reserves the right to accept or reject submissions, and to revise to fit space or standards. Comments for publication should concern pertinent cat and breed related issues. These may be forwarded to author(s) other than the editor if they pertain to a planned topic. Comments regarding past articles may be forwarded to respective author(s) for response.

Any opinions, ideas, statements, or views expressed in the SCCA Newsletter are not necessarily those of the SCCA, the Board, or the Editorial Staff; SCCA assumes no liability for content.

Advertisement rates:

Full Page, one photo $50.00. Each additional photo $10.00
Half Page, one photo $35.00. Each additional photo $10.00
Quarter Page, no photos $15.00
Business Card $5.00 per insertion

Birth, Grand, and DM announcements without photos are printed free. If you would like to include a photo, please refer to the advertising rates above. Please be aware that a standard wallet sized photo with announcement occupies a vertical half page.


Deadline for submission of material to be published is the first of the month in which the Newsletter is published: March, June, September, December.

****See Articles for items in past Newsletters.****


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