Services Monthly Logs

#Services has always strived to make finding information about channels/nicks easier for our IRCops. So, to make things easier and more central we are locating them here.

*NOTE* to users*: although these are available to you, an IRCop will still want to verify the info from their own downloads of these logs, or individual daily logs from eskimo. These here are an effort to help make our responses quicker.

*WARNING* windowsX users, use word97 to open these files, some are rather large !! :\ Or, you can update to NotePad Plus which will read any size file. This really nice, you will love it!! It will self install over your old version of NotePad.

Thanks to Reaper, there is a new site that makes searching logs so easy, we will no longer offer monthly logs here on the web. They will be available by request if really needed, but after a visit to you will understand why the sudden change.