NewNet Services '98

Compiled 6/25/98 for additions/corrections email JumpMan,   LadyBear , or EddieB

For additional help, join channel #services or visit the web site at:

For more information on our friendly little network:

For Disputes over Channels, Nicks, etc. contact via email:
or join #services, we will do our best to help you.

To link a server to Newnet go to:


NewNet proudly announces UserScript.. a mIRC script to enhance your irc experience. Uncommon features include the complete NewNet Chanserv/Nickserv command set in popups, a routine for finding the fastest NewNet server to your exact location, an up-to-date NewNet server listing, and much more!

Get this and the following help files by clicking on the name or by joining #services and
typing these commmands in the channel:

for your free mIRC script designed specifically for Newnet

for this NickServ/ChanServ Help file.

for this access list help file.

for our IRC Operator Guide

Everyone has a say in NewNet -- Join the NewNet E-Mail List!
Send E-Mail to:
and put the word SUBSCRIBE in the SUBJECT line.

Also, at any time, Join #suggestionbox and tell IdeaBot your suggestions
for improvements. Just type !suggest (your suggestion here).


Now, help with ChanServ or NickServ