I've tried so hard

I've tried so hard to say the words which will tell you how I feel.
They are hard to say because I want you to know it's for real.
I'll think about it long and hard, to try and find that way.
When it doesn't come, all I can say is, I'll tell you someday.
I knew in my heart that someday you would know,
of my dreams for us and how we can grow.
I've thought long and hard about what to say to you.
I'll tell you now since a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
The time is now, today is someday.
I guess that this is the way.

Even though it's just a few words, there's a million ways to say it.
And when you've used up all those, there's a billion ways to show it.
So with what I write, I hope you'll find,
that you can leave the world behind.
I hope one day, I will find you in my arms.
So I can keep you safe from all the worlds harms.
I've never felt this way about anyone before, I hope you can see.
What I write comes straight from the heart inside of me.
With these words I can release the bind,
on all of me, my heart, my soul, my mind.

It isn't easy, I really want you to see.
I want you to trust and believe in me.
I'll let it all out, now, not after a while.
And when I'm done I hope you can look up and smile.
For me there's no easy way to say it.
It's even harder for me to show it.
Now is now, then was then, I hope you'll understand.
My reasons for not telling you aren't easy to comprehend.
So now I'll do what I've wanted to do,
I'll tell you I love you.